Arizona Psychiatric Society thanks its corporate sponsors for supporting behavioral health education and programs in our community.

About AzPsych

The Arizona Psychiatric Society (APS) is a district branch of the American Psychiatric Association, a medical specialty society recognized worldwide.


The objectives of the Arizona Psychiatric Society are to continuously improve the ability of its members to provide quality psychiatric services to persons in need and their families. The Society strives to promote the welfare of all those with mental illness and to foster the medically based principles of psychiatry.


The Society, in collaboration with the American Psychiatric Association, is committed: 


1.         To improve the treatment, rehabilitation, and care of the mentally ill, the mentally retarded, and the emotionally disturbed;

2.         To promote research, professional education in psychiatry and allied fields and the prevention of psychiatric disability;

3.         To advance the standards of all psychiatric services and facilities;

4.         To foster the cooperation of all who are concerned with the medical, psychological, social and legal aspects of mental health and illness;

5.         To make psychiatric knowledge available to other practitioners of medicine, to scientists in other fields of knowledge, and to the public; and

6.         To promote the best interests of patients and those actually or potentially making use of mental health services.

Although an integral and a component of its national parent organization, the American Psychiatric Association (APA), the Arizona Psychiatric Society is an independent organization. The APS participates in the APA legislative and public affairs networks. Designated representatives serve as members of these national networks and provide supportive activities in the areas of legislative advocacy and public information and education.

Arizona Psychiatric Society Executive Officers - 2018 to 2019

President:  Mona Amini, MD, MBA

President-Elect:  Don J. Fowls, MD

Vice President:  Jasleen Chhatwal, MD

Treasurer:  Gagandeep Singh, MD

Secretary:  Saira Kalia, MD

Co Resident-Fellow Member Representatives:  Matthew Erisman, MD, Maya Heck, MD, 

and Stephen (Larry) Mecham, DO

APA Assembly Representative:  Payam M. Sadr, MD (serves two year term concluding 2019)

APA Deputy Representative:  Don J. Fowls, MD (as President-Elect)

Aaron Wilson, MD, Past President

Gurjot Marwah, MD, Past President

Roland Segal, MD, FAPA - Past President


2018-2019 COMMITTEES


The work of the Arizona Psychiatric Society is achieved through the efforts and contributions of many different Committee Chairs and their supporting committee members.  For 2018-2019, following is a list of the Arizona Psychiatric Society Committees.  If you are interested in contributing further to the work of the Society by serving on a Committee, please contact the administrative offices ( to sign-up:

APA Assembly

Payam M. Sadr, MD, Representative

Don J. Fowls, MD, Deputy Representative


ArMA Delegates

Brian Espinoza, MD

Stephen Herman, MD



Tariq Ghafoor, MD, Chair

Edward Gentile, DO (Public Affairs)

Bennett Blum, MD (Public Affairs)

Don Fowls, MD (Public Affairs)

Amie Kafer, DO (Facebook)

Aris Mosley, MD (Facebook)

Tariq Ghafoor, MD (Website)

Shabnam Sood, MD (Website)

Open/Rotating Guest Editors in Interim (Newsletter Chair)

Brian Espinoza, MD (Newsletter)

Elizabeth Kohlhepp, MD (Newsletter)

Gretchen Alexander, MD (Newsletter)

Gagandeep Singh, MD (Newsletter)

Robin Reesal, MD (Newsletter)


Disaster Psychiatry Task Force

Aaron Wilson, MD, Chair

Joanna Kowalik, MD

Carlos Carrera, MD

Martin Kassell, MD

Jeffrey Schwimmer, MD

Yukari Kawamoto Wey, MD

Gurjot Marwah, MD


Early Career Psychiatrist

Mona Amini, MD, Co-Chair

Felicitas Koster, DO, Co-Chair

Jasleen Chhatwal, MD

Jason Curry, DO

Laura Harrington, MD

Amie Kafer, DO

Suzanne Tariot Sheard, DO

Brandon Yates, MD

Orla Weinhold, MD



Mona Amini, MD, Chair

Gretchen Alexander, MD

Jasleen Chhatwal, MD

Maya Heck, MD

Amie Kafer, DO

Joanna Kowalik, MD

Gwen Levitt, DO (Posters)

Aaron Riley, MD

Ole Thienhaus, MD



Jehangir (Jay) B. Bastani, MD, Chair

Elizabeth Kohlhepp, MD

Bennett Blum, MD

Carlos Carrera, MD

Sami Victor, MD



Jack Potts, MD, Chair

Jay Bastani, MD

Joseph Bloom, MD

Bennett Blum, MD

Stephen Herman, MD

Elizabeth Kohlhepp, MD

Roland Segal, MD

Joel Parker, MD



Gretchen Alexander, MD, Chair

Elizabeth Kohlhepp, MD

Joseph Bloom, MD

Don Fowls, MD

Edward Gentile, DO

Tariq Ghafoor, MD

Scott Kirkorsky, MD

Joanna Kowalik, MD

Stephen (Larry) Mecham, DO

Mary Nowlin, DO

Carol Olson, MD

Jack Potts, MD

Roland Segal, MD

Aaron Wilson, MD

Brandon Yates, MD

Additional Legislative Committee Members on RxP

Jason Caplan, MD

Gary Grove, MD

Amie Kafer, DO

Robert Winsky, Jr., MD         



Gagandeep Singh, MD, Chair

Jay Bastani, MD

Tariq Ghafoor, MD

Joanna Kowalik, MD

William James, MD

Martin Kassell, MD

Matthew Klein, DO

Gurjot Marwah, MD



Gretchen Alexander, MD, Chair

Elizabeth Kohlhepp, MD

Gurjot Marwah, MD

Carol Olson, MD



Stephen (Larry) Mecham, MD, Co-Chair

Matt Erisman, MD, Co-Chair

Maya Heck, MD, Co-Chair

Alexandra Erickson, DO

Nicholas Ahrendt, MD


The Society thanks these members for their service. 

Past Presidents of the Arizona Psychiatric Society


Otto L. Bendheim, M.D. 1960-1961

Warren S. Williams, M.D. 1961-1963

T. Richard Gregory, M.D. 1963-1964

Boris Zemsky, M.D. 1964-1965                         

Hal J. Breen, M.D. 1965-1966

Joseph M. Green, M.D. 1966-1967

Irene M. Josselyn, M.D. 1967-1968

Hubert R. Estes, M.D. 1968-1969

Richard H. Bruner, M.D. 1969-1970

Thomas F. Kruchek, M.D. 1970-1971

David S. Burgoyne Sr., M.D. 1971-1972

Marshall W. Jones, M.D. 1972-1973

Harold D. Haeussler, M.D. 1973-1974

William B. Haeussler, M.D. 1974-1975

Edward S. Gelardin, M.D. 1975-1976

Hugo L. Cozzi, M.D. 1976-1977

Robert F. Meyer, M.D. 1977-1978

James E. Campbell, M.D. 1978-1979

Stuart M. Gould, M.D. 1979-1980

Elliot M. Heiman, M.D. 1980-1981

Stephen V. Shanfield, M.D. 1981-1982

Jerry A. Biggs, M.D. 1982-1983

Robert C. Shapiro, M.D. 1983-1984

Dennis C. Westin, M.D. 1984-1985

John H. Jarvis, M.D. 1985-1986

James G. Hill, M.D. 1986-1987

Robert P. Bevan, M.D. 1987-1988

Eugene J. Kinder, M.D. 1988-1989

James M. Campbell, M.D. 1989-1990

David S. Burgoyne II, M.D. 1990-1991

Stuart W. Hollingsworth, M.D. 1991-1992

Kevin J. Leehey, M.D. 1992-1993

Stephen S. Brockway, M.D. 1993-1994

Michael H. Stumpf, M.D. 1994-1995

Lauro Amezcua-Patino, M.D. 1995-1996

David S. Burgoyne II, M.D. 1997-1998

Glenn Lippman, M.D. 1998-1999

Lisa Jones, M.D. 1999-2000

David J. Coons, M.D. 2000-2001

James M. Campbell, M.D. 2001-2002

Bradley Johnson, M.D. 2002-2003

David W. Leicken, M.D. 2003-2004

Thomas N. Crumbley, M.D. 2004-2006

Jeffrey L. Schwimmer, M.D., M.P.H. 2006-2007

Stephen O. Morris, M.D. 2007-2008

Jack L. Potts, M.D. 2008-2009

Elizabeth A. Kohlhepp, M.D.  2009-2010

Michael E. Brennan, M.D. 2010-2011

Gretchen Alexander, M.D. 2011-2012

Tariq M. Ghafoor, M.D. 2012-2013

Joanna K. Kowalik, M.D., M.P.H., 2013-2014

Payam M. Sadr, M.D., 2014-2015

Roland Segal, M.D., 2015-2016

Gurjot Marwah, M.D., 2016-2017

Aaron Wilson, M.D., 2017-2018