Arizona Psychiatric Society thanks its corporate sponsors for supporting behavioral health education and programs in our community.


Spring 2019 Newsletter includes news from and about our members venturing out and building community, past President, Dr. Gurjot Marwah, first installment of three about health advocacy work in Cuba; Dr. William Offenkrantz, Career Achievement in Psychiatry Award winner, on his storied career; Dr. Sneha Venkatraman, and her experience of performing forensic psychological evaluations for asylum; and Dr. Robin Reesal on ECP lifestyle wellness tips; reports from the ECP Risk Management events in Phoenix and Tucson and the Women's Group 3rd Annual Afternoon Tea; the health care legislation summary from APS Lobbyist Joseph Abate; the Area VII Assembly meeting update from the spring meeting; reflections on the APA Congressional Advocacy Conference in Washignton, DC; congratulations to the University of Arizona College of Medicine at Banner University Medical Center, Phoenix on becoming a full 100% Club in the APA; celebrating the newest Life and 50-Year Members; a report from the Psychopharmacology Conference in Nevada; and event information for the 2019 Annual Meeting of the Arizona Psychiatric Society, as well as information on other local events, book release, and education for our members.  
Fall/Winter 2018 Newsletter features information on parity and physician advocacy, including how to register to speak at the Arizona legislature; includes reports from Society officers and members on the APA November Assembly, the State Advocacy Conference, Psychiatry Network 2018 Women Physicians Conference Networking Event, the ISEN Annual Meeting, and an opportunity to meet Dr. Michelle Singh, Resident Fellow Member; celebrates the newest Distinguished Fellows and Fellows and the Stepping Up Awards from 2018; and includes important information on the APS Annual Meeting, Risk Management CME events in Phoenix and Tucson, the Women’s Group 3rd Annual Afternoon Tea, poster presenting at the Annual Meeting, and local and national fellowship opportunities.

Spring/Summer 2018 Newsletter celebrates the Arizona members from the APS 2018 Annual Meeting (Dr. Martin Kassell's 100th Birthday year Friday reception, the poster presenters and judges and award recipients from the Annual Meeting, and the newest Arizona Distinguished Fellows honored at the APA Annual Meeting; Meet your Member from Dr. Cynthia Stonnington of Mayo Arizona; includes reports from the APS Annual Meeting, including the Health Legislative Report from the APS Lobbyist and report on the new slate of executive officers; Assembly Report from the APA Assembly; report from the ArMA House of Delegates, including a Resolution on Kratom drafted by Dr. Stephen Herman and jointly sponsored by APS and adopted (with updates on the Kratom article from the Winter Newsletter); happiness and well-being from Dr. Robin Reesal; continuing education report from the 2018 Nevada Psychopharmacology meeting from Dr. Brian Espinoza; and information from our corporate sponsors, job and practice opportunities, and local events and educational offerings and updates.  

Commemmorative Newsletter - Dr. Steven Pitt includes tribute articles from peers, including Dr. Elizabeth Kohlhepp, forensic psychiatrist, Dr. John DeQuardo, forensic psychiatrist and associate of Steven E. Pitt & Associates, and Dr. Roland Segal, and invitation to submit a forensic lecture for consideration for the 2019 Arizona Psychiatric Society Annual Meeting honoring Dr. Pitt, and information and an invitation to members to participate in a special Forensic Committee work group on Rule 11 issues in Arizona.  
Winter 2017 Newsletter provides timely updates relating to the opioid crisis.  Members are highlighted for their grass roots advocacy in a fundraiser event with Arizona Representative Heather Carter; the year 2017 ends on a highlight with the birth of a new son to the world and 2018 gets off to a great start with the celebration of Dr. Kassell's 100th birthday; details are provided on the Opioids Use Disorder Essentials Workshop on Medication Assisted Treatment and Coordination of Care and Live Waiver Training; addiction psychiatrist members, Dr. Monica Faria, and MIHS Resident Dr. Edwin Kim, are both featured Meet Your Member profiles; Dr. Stephen Herman provides an insightful look at Kratom and its dangers; Dr. Dawn Noggle catches all up on the accomplishments and plans for the Stepping Up Initiative; an open call is presented for participation on the Task Force for Justice for All; and a Report from the APA Assembly is provided.  APA Elections being underway, profiles are included for ECP Trustee candidates.  Arizona Psychiatric Society celebrates those members that are its newest Distinguished Fellows, Fellows, Life Members, and 50-Year Members.  In the RFM News, APAF Fellowship applications are due January 30, and an Invitation to Poster Present at the 2018 Annual Meeting is provided.  Dr. Reesal provides an educational report from the Neuroscience of Enduring Change hosted by the UofA Department of Psychiatry.  
Fall 2017 Newsletter features emerging data on the opioid crisis, updates from the APA and Area Assembly, and a variety of Society events and accomplishments.  With POTUS Trump's recent declaration of the opioid crisis being a public health emergency, the Fall Newsletter shares a similar focus. Meet a fellow APS member, Dr. Elena Volfson, Addiction Psychiatrist at Mayo Clinic Arizona, and learn of her impressive career highlights. Dr. Michel Sucher discusses medication-assisted treatment and reminds us of the recent Arizona mandate on checking a patient's PMP report prior to prescribing certain controlled substances. Haley Coles, executive director of Sonoran Prevention Works, discusses their strategic partnerships within the Valley in an effort to promote harm reduction in the opioid crisis directly effecting our population.  Thanks to APS members for their active voices on health care reform and we report on some key efforts made through physician groups and Arizona legislators. We include a call to action to extend CHIP (KidsCare) in Arizona and an invitation for those interested in impacting advocacy by serving as a key contact with Arizona legislators to serve as Congressional Advocacy Network delegates.  Highlights and a full report from Dr. Mona Amini and Dr. Payam Sadr's visit to Vancouver, BC for the Area 7 Assembly meeting are provided. Dr. Espinoza reports from his summer meeting in Las Vegas on Dementia, and the potential traumatic effects of brain trauma.  
Summer 2017 Newsletter focuses on the many efforts to ensure access to care through legislative and policy efforts and celebrates the accomplishments of our members.  In this edition, we meet Dr. Joseph Bloom, a forensic psychiatrist from Oregon now making his home in Arizona, who brings with him a passion for understanding the Arizona commitment laws, and whose exemplary contributions to forensic psychiatry were recognized at the APA Annual Meeting with the Isaac Ray Award. We celebrate highlights from the APA Annual Meeting, including the two newest Arizona Distinguished Fellows, Dr. Marcelle Leet and Dr. Roland Segal; the contributions of Arizona Assembly Representatives Drs. Payam Sadr and Jasleen Chhatwal; and Dr. Mona Amini discussing health care legislation with U.S. Representative Tim Murphy at the Presidential Reception. Dr. Espinoza shares the educational highlights from the INES Annual Meeting. We celebrate APS Lobbyist, Joseph Abate, being awarded the Maricopa County Republican Party Lincoln Lifetime Achievement Award, presented by US Congressman David Schweikert. Photograph highlights from the APS Annual Meeting awards, among them, Dr. Jehangir (Jay) Boman Bastani receiving the Career Achievement in Psychiatry Award, and Dr. Ron Wright from University of Arizona College of Medicine - Tucson receiving the Howard E. Wulsin Excellence in Education Award. More photos from the APS Annual Meeting and recognition of both our physician and RFM poster presenters.  Dawn Noggle continues updates on Arizona's participation in the Step Up Together initiative with the great news that Arizona celebrates being the first state to have 100% participation by County and the Step Up Together Arizona Summit is set for August.  Lastly, Dr. Robin Reesal shares a poignant editorial, this time focusing on the abuse of women around the world. 
Spring 2017 Newsletter celebrates our members and the advocacy work in our community.  The Women’s Group shares photo highlights from their celebrated spring event at the Phoenician for Afternoon Tea hosted by American Professional Agency, Inc., the APA-endorsed malpractice carrier. The Mental Health America Hall of Fame Ceremony honoring attorney Chick Arnold is highlighted, with members of the APS supporting this long-famed member of the behavioral health community.  We also meet Dr. Alicia Cowdrey, an early-career psychiatrist who leads MIHS' First Response Center treating first-episode psychosis. We include Dr. Noggle's comprehensive update on the "Step Up Arizona" initiative and many other happenings in the behavioral health community, a report from APS Lobbyist Joseph F. Abate, a report from Area 7 Assembly, photo highlights for Doctor of the Day, and other legislative updates including what psychiatrists may do to enforce parity.  Our newest APA Life Members as well as the distinguished 50-year Members of the APA/APS are listed. Dr. Espinoza, for continuing medical education, reports from the famed Nevada Psychopharmacology Conference, and to Dr. Reesal, for the global perspective on psychiatry, reports on human trafficking.  Resident-Fellow Members celebrate their community connection with the NAMI Southern Arizona Walk, and we feature an advocacy piece from the Southern California Psychiatric Society, penned by Arizona-trained ECP, Dr. Matt Goldenberg. 
Announcement of Newest Arizona Psychiatric Society Distinguished Fellows and Fellows of the APA
American Psychiatric Association has elected the following Arizona Psychiatric Society members to the status of Distinguished Fellow of the APA. 
Edward M. Gentile, DO, MBA, DLFAPA
Richard S. Rhoads, MD, DFAPA
Edward M. Gentile, DO, MBA, DLFAPA
Richard S. Rhoads, MD, DFAPA

Edward M. Gentile, DO, MBA, DLFAPA

Richard S. Rhoads, MD, DFAPA

Joel Edward Parker MD DFAPA
Cynthia M Stonnington MD DFAPA
Monica J Taylor-Desir MD DFAPA
Karen L Weihs MD DFAPA
Rodgers McKinley Wilson MD DFAPA

Gwen A. Levitt, MD, DFAPA
Carol Kline Olson, MD, DFAPA
Randall K. Ricardi, DO, DFAPA
Payam Sadr, MD, DFAPA
Richard Spiegel, MD, DLFAPA
Shabnam Sood, MD, DFAPA
These Distinguished Fellows will be honored at the APA Annual Meeting in May with a President's Reception and a Convocation of Distinguished Fellows.
In addition, the following members of the Arizona Psychiatric Society were approved for Fellow status by the APA, and these Fellows will be honored during the Convocation ceremony in May:

Jasleen Chhatwal, MBBS, MD, FAPA
Jason Curry, DO, FAPA
Debbie Ford, MD, FAPA

Jasleen Chhatwal, MBBS, MD, FAPA

Jason Curry, DO, FAPA

Debbie Ford, MD, FAPA


On behalf of the entire membership of the Arizona Psychiatric Society, we congratulate these newest Distinguished Fellow and Fellows of the APA on their distinguished careers and thank them for their continued support and membership in the APA and our Society. We would also like to recognize and thank the many Distinguished Fellow members in the Society who provided letters of support.   



Nominations for Distinguished Fellow must be submitted through the District Branch.  If you are interested in more information on the requirements, please visit or contact the APS administrative office (, 602-347-6903).  Distinguished Fellow nominations are due to be submitted to the APA on or before July 1st of each year (for recognition in the APA Annual Meeting in the year following); Fellow applications are due on or before September 1st of each year.   

The following members of the Arizona Psychiatric Society will be recognized by the APA for reaching the following Life membership status (at the APA Annual Meeting):


Mohammad Bhatti, MD, LFAPA

Karnail Dhillon, MD, LFAPA

Patricia Fangohr, MD, LAPA

Richard Gottlieb, MD, DLFAPA

Linda Kalivas, MD, LFAPA

Dheerendranath Raikhelkar, MD, LAPA

Randall Ricardi, DO, DLFAPA

Robin Ross, MD, DLFAPA

Douglas Stockwell, MD, LFAPA

Of special note, we recognize the following members who achieved the pinnacle of 50-Year Members in the APA as of January 2018: 

James M. Campbell, MD, LAPA

James Ernest Campbell, MD, LAPA

Bruce R. Holzman, MD, LAPA

These members will be acknowledged in the Convocation at the APA Annual Meeting.  We recognize these members for their years of dedicated service to the APA and the Society and to their contributions to the field of psychiatry and the enrichment of our mental health community.